hi everybody I'm new in blog and hope to don't do so many mistakes ,anyway I created this blog because I love beautiful girls from any country and hope we can spread our common interest,I will also add funny pictures , Thanks for all of you for help me to build this new blog

Monday, August 15, 2005

race queen

Today I want start series where women are main object like cheerleaders,pitt girls,..but also in sport like beach volley for example ,tennis ..
Race queens are women mostly in motor racing sports cars and bikes and some teams are really famous in Japan like Endless,Calsonic,Nomad,...and some are little bit olders as Mario,Yellow corn which are my favorites

Saturday, August 13, 2005

oops babes letter 1

hello everybody

My name is noel and since many years I collect comics,pictures from the world ,music ,movies and due to the fact that I travel often I bring back some material from various countries back to mine country which is France.
I have many girls pictures collected and I decided to build my own blog in order to spread with anybody pics including funny pics,party photos,naked also but not porn pics ,this blog is dedicated to beauty and it's why I want to see beautiful girls like models,cheerladers,race queens,Pitt girls,unknow girls,funny girls....you can also send me funny pictures taken everywhere .
I hope that you 'll join me soon
take care